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The Shape of STONE today!

Enjoy the attractive appearance of stone, slate, marble, tile or wood with the clean, durable tough long-term performance of Polymer Concrete (not stamp concrete)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is the material slippery?
A.  No the material is not slippery. Last coating is used with Silica Sand, which is an anti slip material.

Q.  How thick is the material?
A.  The material when completed is less then quarter of an inch.

Q.  How much does the product usually cost?
A.  The price is based on square footage, for prices contact M.P.T Stone.

Q.  Does the color of the product fade/change over time?
A.  If the product is properly sealed then it will NOT fade/change the color.

Q.  Do I have to continue sealing the product once the job is done?
A.  Product should be sealed one year after the job is completed and at least every 3-4 years after that.
(This service is also provided by M.P.T Stone)

Q.  Where can I buy sealer for my finished project?
A.  M.P.T Stone sells the proper sealers that you’ll need.

Q.  Can I use salt to melt snow and ice from the Polymer Concrete?
A.  Yes it absolutely safe to use.

Q.  What should I use to shovel the snow?
A.  Any plastic shovel can be used, avoid any metal stripes at the bottom.

Q.  Can I use a snow blower?
A.  Yes, as long as the blade is lifted at least a quarter of an inch off the surface.

Q.  Will the Polymer Concrete outlive the harsh Canadian Winters?
A.  Yes, it is specially designed to outstand thermal cycle of the harshest winter cold and even the blistering heat of the summer.

Q.  Can the product be put on brick or wood?
A.  Yes it can, it is specially formatted to fit any surface.

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