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Enjoy the attractive appearance of stone, slate, marble, tile or wood with the clean, durable tough long-term performance of Polymer Concrete (not stamp concrete)

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POLYMER CONCRETE material is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of styles, colours, textures and patterns. Below are some of the most popular styles and designs.

Natural Stone (Field Stone)

Random Stone 1.2 Grout

Random Stone 1.4 Grout

Slate Stone 1.2 Grout

Slate Stone 1.2 Grout, Bumpy Edge

Slate Stone 1.4 Grout

Slate Stone 1.2 Grout, Bumpy Edge

Slate Stone Narrow Grout

Natural Crack (Flag Stone)

Cobble Stone


Enginered Stone


Barn Wood

Wall (Normal Press)

Wall (Imitation Of Marble Press)

Wall (Normally Scraped)

Wall (Sponge Finish)

Wall (California Press)

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